David Mar

David Mar
Mar Structural Design, California, United States


David Mar is the founder of Mar Structural Design, based in Berkeley, California. He has a Bachelor’s Degree and a Masters Degree in Structural Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. He has 30 years of experience working in California and across the US, where he has led numerous projects that have utilized innovative design to increase seismic resilience.

David seeks to couple creativity and cutting-edge technical skills to design innovative structures that go beyond a minimum code-compliant design. With a focus on unusual and challenging projects, he aims to leverage design with state-of-the-art analysis, opening new opportunities for invention, architectural expression and high-performance. His areas of specialization are seismically resilient designs, sustainable designs, and buildings with expressed structure.

David and his team have led the deployment of low-damage designs in numerous projects. A recent community housing project in San Francisco, with 25% of the homes reserved for formerly homeless seniors, was awarded a US Resiliency Council Gold Rating for Seismic Resilience. This project is the first multi-family affordable housing building to receive any USRC rating. The high-performance premium was only 0.24% of the construction cost, as compared to the benchmark conventional design. This project demonstrates that when structural engineers work with a client that can understand the value of high-performance design, buildings that would ordinarily be designed to only meet code requirements can be made seismically resilient. Based upon his experience with this project and many others, David has significant insight into drivers for the uptake of low-damage design by clients, architects, and other stakeholders.