Jocelyn Eason

Jocelyn Eason

A Plant-Based Diet

Jocelyn Eason
GM Science Food Innovation, Plant & Food Research


Dr Jocelyn Eason is General Manager Food Innovation at Plant & Food Research. She is responsible for managing a team of more than 130 scientists across New Zealand undertaking research focused on developing foods and ingredients that delight consumers and offer additional health benefits beyond basic nutrition. She has a PhD in plant physiology and an MBA.

A Plant-Based Diet

How do we create sustainable nutrition for the world, where the nutritional needs of everyone is balanced with sustainable production systems? Research suggests that plant food production is more environmentally sustainable than animal food production, and new consumer trends for flexitarian diets are demanding more plant-based foods that offer a full nutritional base in products that deliver texture, texture and consumer appeal. How does New Zealand produce the range of foods people want to eat whilst creating economic and environmental sustainability for the nation?

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