Dr Ray Simpkin April 2019

Dr Ray Simpkin

Hyperspectral imaging for horticultural applications

Dr Ray Simpkin
Callaghan Innovation


Ray Simpkin has been an active innovator and researcher since 1982, specialising in applied electromagnetics, both in the UK aerospace sector and, since 2001, within New Zealand’s Crown-owned entities, Industrial Research Limited (IRL) and Callaghan Innovation. He has a physics and electrical engineering background, gaining a PhD in electromagnetic theory from Imperial College, London, in 1996. His most recent research interests have focused on the use of hyperspectral imaging techniques applied to NZ horticultural and food-related sectors.

Hyperspectral Imaging for Horticultural Applications

Callaghan Innovation, through its Research & Technical Services business unit, has been involved in hyperspectral imaging research since 2015 and has at its disposal a number of specialised cameras for this purpose, spanning the visible and near-infrared parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. Dr. Simpkin has pioneered the use of ground-based hyperspectral imaging within the organisation. His presentation will provide a brief description of the technology, and some examples of potential horticultural applications currently being explored via a number of collaborative R&D projects with other research providers and industry partners.

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