Andy Graves sq

Andy Graves

Mental and Emotional Wellbeing – Lions Journey

Andy Graves
Safety and Wellbeing Leader, Lion New Zealand


Andy Graves spent 25 years working in the Steel industry in the UK before moving to New Zealand 12 years ago. Andy started in Safety over 25 years ago and have held some senior safety roles working for British Steel, George Weston Foods and Fonterra. Andy started working for Lion New Zealand in 2015 as the Safety and Wellbeing Leader, leading a team of S&W Advisors spread across New Zealand. Andy and his team are passionate about improving the Safety and Wellbeing of Lion across New Zealand with a real focus on the Mental and Emotional Wellbeing of the Lion teams.

Mental and Emotional Wellbeing – Lions Journey

An understanding of Lions journey from the traditional approach to Health and Safety to a more holistic approach to Safety & Wellbeing. Why we focus on both the physical and mental and emotional side of safety and the effect that has on culture and engagement.

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